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Biofuel and Dual Fuel Heating

Biofuel and Dual Fuel Heating

With increasing pressure on fossil fuel costs and social pressures to adopt more environmentally friendly fuels, Southern Maintenance Solutions have a growing experience in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy sources for commercial heating systems.

Commercial heating costs can be reduced and carbon footprints reduced by the installation and conversion to bio-fuel and dual fuel heating systems and Southern Maintenance Solutions Heating have increasing experience in working with this equipment.

Our engineers have undertaken the specialist training required to become qualified to work with these fuels and Southern Maintenance Solutions are able to undertake installation and maintenance on a variety of models as well as undertake repairs on previously supplied equipment.

Dual fuel boliers are designed to work with both conventional oil or gas supplies, but are also able to burn bio-fuel alternatives such as bio-diesel or rape seed oil fuels providing a versatile solution that can reduce carbon emmissions and running costs at the same time. Bio-fuels are lower cost due to the different tax treatments that they receive and are increasingly popular with public building managers, independent schools and colleges and other large buildings as well as commercial installations.

Biomass Boilers & Heating

Another low carbon alternative is the installation of a Biomass boiler that uses as a fuel source, wood as logs, chips or pellets. Biomass is living or recently living material that has taken carbon from the atmosphere when it grew and released it when it’s burnt. Crops or trees used for biomass are usually replanted keeping the system in balance.

A biomass boiler will provide both heating and hot water for your home or place of work, although space and delivery access will need to be allocated to storage of logs, or pellets.

Contact Southern Maintenance Solutions now to discuss how we can help your business implement a more environmentally friendly heating strategy and reduce heating running and maintenance costs.